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Chiropractors, Spas, and Dental Offices

We promised you tips on photographing your LA or Orange County dentist, spa, or chiropractic center, and we're going to deliver!

We recommend starting with one type of industry and sticking with them so you can build your portfolio around your first client. For these examples we'll use dentistry. Dental offices are great because there are a TON of them in Los Angeles and Orange County.

On - OC Dental Center's homepage, you'll notice headshots of dentists towards the bottom of the page. Dentist clients will love this because it can help their site's conversion rate when patients can actually see who will be working on their teeth whitening or teeth cleanings. Headshots are great because it helps patients "get in close" to the photography subject as PetaPixel recommends doing.

On the same site: OC Smile's homepage, you'll notice they have a pictures slideshow they created on Flickr that shows off their professional photos. That's where you, the professional photographer comes in!

People always ask, "I don't know if I can make a good living as a pro photographer because there are so many to choose from." This is a valid point, people can easily go to The Knot or Yelp to find close to 100 photographers in just their city alone! But if you can directly help your dental care practice get more patients, they will rave about you and start referring you to other photography clients like dentists or even other related clients like spas or chiropractors! The Modern Tog talks about the great idea of giving your clients referral bonuses!

Family Photography in Orange County & Los Angeles

Welcome to, featuring family photography for Los Angeles and Orange County photographers. We provided informative info on family portraits and are are highly interested in supporting the local LA and OC communities.

If you want to be a professional photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County for many years, you need to develop a reputation as one of the best family photographers in the area. Gaining loyal clients is key, and many times you will notice that you can even become close friends with them! You need to work on magically flattering lighting, creative eye, friendly personality, sense of humor, and patience. You can find useful photography tips at to perfect your craft. You want to be able to make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable and, if requested, offer skillful direction for the most flattering poses, as well as being able to capture the candid moment. Have a wide range of work. For example: from natural to editorial/journalistic to glamorous but always make sure it's beautiful. In addition to family portraits, think about providing portrait photography services including maternity photography, engagement photos, pregnancy pictures, infant, baby photography, children photography, senior pictures, actors' headshots, corporate photography and special occasion photography (i.e. birthdays, wedding photography, Bar and Bat Mitvahs and Quinceanera). These are a great way to earn extra revenue while building up your happy client list! Some clients will opt for a convenient one-day package that includes family photos and individual headshots or portraits of the whole family that can be used for greeting cards, at work, on Facebook and for a variety of other purposes.

Think about offering a selection of photography packages suited to different client budgets. If your client is on a limited budget, you can choose a shorter mini-session or if they have a nice backyard, you can set up there for the day and you can invite other families over for a family photo day event, which will reduce their price. If their budget allows, you can spend the day with the client at various locations. Many photographers also add "a la carte" options for pricing or packages that include extended time, photo albums, prints, digital images on a disc, etc. Also, try producing several creative and fun fundraising family photo day events. If you would like to discuss photography fundraising ideas, please contact local photographers in different Facebook groups or online meetups. The family photo day events can prove to be an effective fundraising tool, and it's always nice to partner with organizations that do good work for our Orange County and Los Angeles communities such as donating a portion of the proceeds from family photography sessions to local non-profit organizations.

Above all, if you want to be a photographer, you should love to spend quality time with families, to let them experience a professional photo session that captures their family in the setting of their choice and to provide them with images they will treasure forever. You need to be willing to work out all the details with your client to make this happen.

Every day, every minute, your family is growing up and changing. The only way to really capture the moment is to do just that. Capture it! Improve your photographing skills! Don't miss out. Document these precious images as you live them, through your expert eyes.



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